Moisture meter Farmpro


The Farmpro moisture meter is a rugged tool that features a unique built-in grinder made of hardened galvanized steel and a housing made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. The rugged construction makes the Farmpro safe for transport on the tractor, in the granary, etc.
The Farmpro is easy to carry and can be handled both inside and outside. Local language in the display, pre-programmed crops, automatic temperature compensation and averaging make the Farmpro quick and easy to operate.


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The Farmpro is used to measure the water content in grain and seed in the field. The Farmpro is also used for regular moisture measurement during the drying process and during grain storage to prevent quality degradation or spoilage.
Moisture management is important to prevent spoilage of stored grain and seed. If grain is too wet at harvest, additional drying costs and spoiled or rotten crops will result. The Farmpro is the perfect tool to help you determine the right time to harvest.

  • Very easy to use
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  • Proven accurate moisture measurements
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  • Built-in grinder and compressor
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  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic calculation of average value
  • High measuring range
  • Adjustment of calibrations